How is China dealing with coronavirus?

How is China dealing with coronavirus?

I am a Chinese student. Due to the effects of coronavirus, I have stayed at home for 2 months. Now, let me give you my perspective on how the Chinese government dealt with the coronavirus.

  1. Information transparency. The Internet will update in real time how many infected people are in each province and the communities where the infected people live. The released news includes domestic epidemic situation and foreign epidemic situation. For the domestic epidemic situation, the existing confirmed diagnosis, the existing suspected, existing severe illness, cumulative diagnosis, cumulative cure and cumulative death will be updated in real time. What’s more, detailed data for each province will also be displayed. I remember especially clearly that one afternoon we knew that there were three infected people in our city, and the Internet data was updated that night.

  2. Many doctors and scientists are preventing the outbreak. One of my uncles is a doctor, and his wife is a nurse. When the epidemic in Wuhan became severe, they went to Wuhan. I am proud of their actions. At the same time, scientific researchers in our school, especially teachers in the School of Life, have joined the research of viruses. They hope to develop reagents early so that the virus can be quickly detected, and at the same time develop related vaccines.

  3. Banned parties. In China, this period is exactly the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, everyone will return to their hometown and then get together. Traditionally, on the second day of the Spring Festival, we started to visit relatives. At the same time, because people are free, we will gather together to eat delicious food, play mahjong, KTV, etc. This time, due to the epidemic, the government advised everyone not to go to the party. In the end, we did not visit our relatives, and our friends ’wedding was cancelled.

  4. Set a temporary spot on the road, and the staff will take the temperature. Also, force everyone on the road to wear a mask. In our city, if you don’t wear a mask, you can’t enter pharmacies and supermarkets (only pharmacies and supermarkets are still open). You also have no way to pass the checkpoints set by the road. And at the entrance of pharmacies and supermarkets, your temperature will be measured, and your name and home address will be registered. Therefore, you must wear a mask to meet your basic living conditions. In my house, we buy food once a week and it costs about 400 yuan each time. These things include rice, flour, milk, pork, fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc. It meets our food needs for 1 week.

  5. Closed the community. If you want to get in and out of the community, you must take a temperature and wear a mask. I live in the countryside, and the government blocked all the entrances and exits of the village with mounds. If you want to go out, you need to take a temperature and register when you leave and when you expect to return. When you return, you also need to register. And, if you come back from another city, you will be quarantined for 15 days.

  6. Schools are forbidden to start, and it is recommended to take classes online at home. We start school at the end of February, but we cannot go to school. All courses will be replaced by online courses. Of course, some physical education and art courses will be postponed if they cannot be taught online. At the same time, we need to report our security situation to the school daily. Some of the company’s work is also done remotely. To be honest, I like to take classes online because I can take classes on the bed, haha. And, I can let cats and dogs accompany me to class.

In short, I was lucky that my family was not infected. I also hope that the infected can recover quickly.

Finally, come on China, come on Wuhan!


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