Success comes from diligence(My hero:Kobe Bryant)

Success comes from diligence

Good afternoon, teachers and classmates, my name is XXX.

At the beginning, I want to ask you a question” Do you know what the NEFU is like at four o’clock every morning?” Ok, my answer is same to you: No. Because I am sleeping at that time. The weird question is from Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant is a basketball player in NBA. He almost have get all kinds of awards in NBA. Everyone is amazed at his amazing talent in basketball. But, Robert Allert, the physical trainer of Kobe, doesn’t agree so much about it. He believes the achievement of Kobe is not only because of his talent, but his diligence is more important. Since entered the NBA, every day, he is like this, when most people are still asleep, he has appeared in the Lakers’ training room.

Every day at four in the morning, Los Angeles is still in the dark, he gets up and walks on the streets of Los Angeles in the dark. One day past, the darkness of Los Angeles without any change. two days later, the darkness still has no a slight of change. For the past 10 years, at four o’clock in the morning, darkness in the streets of Los Angeles still has not changed, but he has become a strong muscle, fitness, strength, and have a high field goal percentage basketball player. ”

When Kobe came into the NBA, he can do nothing but slam dunk. Then, every day, he accorded to Jordan’s shooting posture to practice, so, now we can enjoy Kobe’s fade away, that’s why he is so familiar to Jordan!

All men’s success is not accidental, we have to work hard, even if you are Kobe!
After this season, Kobe will retire, and he will leave his favorite basketball. Now I just want to say thank you to him, thank you for every wonderful and moving night that you have given. Thank you!


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