Ubuntu 19.10 sogou input method garbled

Ubuntu 19.10 sogou input method garbled

  1. Sogou input method disorderly code performance
    After installing ubuntu 19.10, sogou input method needs to be switched twice to display Chinese correctly. One of them was a Chinese gibberish.

  2. My solution
    Put sogou pinyin in second place in input method configuration.
    The diagram below:

    (1) Search for input method configuration (FCITX) in the application
    (2) if there are already two input methods in the input method, the sogou input method shall be placed in a non-first place. For example, my first input method is keyboard English (USA), and my second input method is sogou pinyin.
    (3) if there is only sogou input in the input method, add an input method and put it in the first place.

  3. Other solutions
    If method 2 doesn’t work, try the following (1) and (2) methods.
    (1) Dependency check
    sudo apt-get install -f
    (2) delete the sogou configuration file. Then restart sogou.
    cd ~/.config
    rm -rf SogouPY* sogou*
    fcitx -r


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