Detecting target MCU…

Detecting target MCU…

The microcontroller is not easy to burn out.

Solution: Connect P1.0 and P1.1 to GND with DuPont cable, that is, ground. Download the program afterwards.

Reason: The MCU is locked, so the program cannot be downloaded.

Other situations:
1. Check if the MCU is plugged in the wrong way;
2. Download the software and select the correct MCU model (note that STC89C52 and STC89C52RC are different);
3. Check whether the crystal oscillator is connected, sometimes there is a phenomenon of poor contact of the crystal oscillator;
4. Check whether there are multiple com on the computer, and whether the wrong com port is selected (whether the corresponding driver is installed);
5. Whether the MCU development board is powered on again (a cold start process is required to download the MCU program);
6. Pay attention to whether there is a short circuit (for example, it is better to lay a piece of paper under the development board to avoid short circuit);
7. What version to download the software, the old version may need to set the minimum and maximum baud rate, the new version does not need to be set, it is recommended to use the new version as much as possible;
8. If you are using CH340/CH341 or PL2302, check whether RXD/TXD is connected reversely.
9. Try another microcontroller to verify if the microcontroller is damaged.

Sometimes, it is really possible that the single-chip microcomputer is burned, after all, this is not the case 🙂


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