code-server / vs-code how to install plugin offline

We deploy an online code-server code editor on the server side, such as Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, etc., use the online installation extension to download, install and download Very slow, then we can install the offline vs-code plugin

1. Download related plug-ins

Official website download link: https://

Enter the plug-in query you want:

Check and download the plug-in:

2. Install the plugin

Upload the locally downloaded plug-in to the server-related directory. If your server does not have rz, sz software installed, of course you can also use ftp software, personally think it’s not a large file Using rz and sz is very convenient, you can move to my blog tutorial: rz and sz tutorial under Linux

# Upload with rz command
rz -be

The effect is as follows:


Select the corresponding plug-in from the directory you just uploaded, and then it will be installed automatically. After installation, refresh and load it again

3. Test

The effect is as follows:


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