How to use kirgiz/kyrgyz Arab version input method (computer & mobile phone)?

Chinese Version:如何使用 柯尔克孜语/吉尔吉斯语 输入法(电脑&手机)?

1 PC

1.1 alkatip software

ALKATIP uygur input method: support a variety of uygur fonts, kazak fonts, kirgiz fonts, and a variety of fonts.

software download:alkatip

After the software is installed, the kirgiz font will be displayed in the Windows language options:

At the same time, you can see the input method at the bottom of the windows page:


2 mobile phone

2.1 Method 1:Baidu skins

We can input the languge by installing the skin of baidu input method.

2.1.1 the way to get skins

Please visit the website:百度输入法柯尔克孜文输入网站

one of the skin download:皮肤下载

After downloading the skin, copy the skin file to /baidu/ime/skins.

(1)Confirm that the skin has been downloaded

(2)Open the folder manager on your phone

(3)Search the skin files

(4)Long press the skin file, the copy button will pop up on the bottom of the phone

(5)Click Copy, and then click the path: Internal Storage-> baidu-> ime-> skins, and then click paste on the bottom of the phone

(6)Open the Baidu software

(7)Start the Kirgiz skin

(8)Choose the Wubi input method to test the effect

2.2 Method 2:O software

software download:o 键盘软件

(1)Open the software and click step 1 to enable the input method

(2)Choose this input method

(3)Click the test

(4)Long press the bottom middle language bar to select the language, there is Kirgiz

(5)Test it


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